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Clinical updates confirm lead discoveries 

Independent investigators just described treatments based on my development concepts, selected drug classes and preferred pairing in:

1-The Oncologist Rochester confirmed my gastric cancer ASCO 06 

It is a way to salvage immunotherapy failures. Our practice has been doing this and also find similar chemo immunotherapy benefits cholangio and liver cancers (ASCO 06) when Taxanes and target drugs were added to our core regimen -some gastric patients were cured, AntiCancer Research 16,18 expanded the method to resistant end stage bile duct and gyn cancers. The treatment doubled historical response and survival. The immunotherapy has been successful in house for three years - since check point first became available. It produces complete remissions CR after the first and many lines of chemo or immuno didn't achieve CR.

Both ASCO 18 and independent publications confirmed my 10-20 year development series for four critical steps. These include two ways to cure some pancreatic cancers.


2- Surg Clin N America Feb updated my 20 year neoadjuvant series (the first series in which completely inoperable patients were survivors. The practice is now two chemo, two RT and 2 interventional Radiology IR and Immumotherapy steps "ahead". Our strategy provides three serial chances (not one) to create operability. Expert surgeons are now contemplating IR and surgery for stage IV patients after treatment produces complete and near complete Rs

3-ASCO French trialists confirmed my core regimen is a best pancreatic adjuvant as has Isacoff ICACT Paris. Our practice is three steps, added chances to improve outcome, ahead with additional sequential regimens and proteomic tumor tests to identify choose added drugs in order to provide personalized regimens. Development steps include immunotherapy and potentiators of immunotherapy. A new chemotherapy and personalized chemo immunotherapy sometimes actually prevent progression when standard adjuvant therapy fails..Treatments have sometimes produced long term reversal remissions after early failure of standard adjuvant therapy.


4- ASCO 2018 von Hoff confirmed my core development addition of a taxane to G(FLI)O for primary advanced disease. They reproduced my 2x response and survival of ASCO 04, 05, 08. Our practice has since reproduced our earlier ASCO reports and consistently found benefit for resistant and frail patients as well (at less cost and much more safely) AACR 17 ASCO 08 


5- Isacoff in press similarly confirmed my development step for primary advanced disease again finding double the standard survival. Our practice has added three development steps, discovered over ten years, added drugs, safety and immunotherapy.

Our progress report and web site describe extension of these leads to six additional cancers. Each also benefits, with double the conventional response and survival, from addition of safe targeted therapy and immunotherapy.


This constitutes background proof of principal for our novel use of test findings and new methods of reversing a tumor's drug resistance. 
Source: Doctor4u

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