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Isaac H.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bruckner for three months now. I have never met a more caring doctor like Dr. Bruckner. He has not only been the quintessential professional oncologist, but has been the most respectful, sincere, and caring human being. My illness has taken a toll on my family and myself, but Dr. Bruckner has not only encouraged me and supported me through this difficult time, but has made himself easily accessible to my family for all their questions and needs.

In my initial 7 day stay in the hospital, he called close to a dozen times, spoke to my wife and children, and my doctor. Last week I was admitted to the hospital for one day, but he strongly insisted that I stay longer to receive more treatment; this ultimately led to the positive state I am in now.

Dr. Hirschfeld also shows an immense amount of care. One day I was having an extremely difficult time with the treatment, and I refused to continue. Dr. Hirschfeld threatened to come to my house and take me to the office himself. The only reason that I came in that day and every day after that was because I knew he was serious! I didn’t want him to waste his time picking me up when he could be saving so many other people.

More than anything else, I am thankful for the hope Dr. Bruckner has given me. I have been told some very scary news by other doctors, but Dr. Bruckner has only told me the greatest news I could ever hear. I trust him because his results are incredible. Dr. Bruckner truly helps all those who come to him and his confidence is backed up with his incredible success.


Thank you Dr. Bruckner and may God bless you.


Isaac H
Cedarhurst, NY

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