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Latest News: 2020: Bruckner Oncology update

September 16, 2020

Analyses confirm 300% survival advantages and prognostic tests identify the 75% likely to benefit 

For the MZB Foundation for Cancer Research:

"GFLIO" regimens are based on a series of confirmed laboratory discoveries. The methods have reversed resistance to six critical, standard drugs (Anticancer Research 16, 18).

✔️As reported - accepted at three international meetings in 2020, another three hundred new patients with pancreatic, bile duct, colon and ovarian/uterine cancer have novel safety and survive 300% better at 2 years than those on standard therapy in registration trials. Our practice deliberately included many elderly, resistant and frail patients and proved they have equally good chances to achieve best survival. GFLIO virtually avoids severe side effects for high risk patients in a CRO monitored, FDA approved trial (AACR 17, AntiCancer 16, 18). 

✔️New prognostic tests identified the 75% of all patients that now have good chances to exceed standard survival. 

✔️Tests also newly identified long suspected lethal pathophysiological targets for added high priority personalized remedial care. Hopefully this will refresh interest in evaluation and rational targeted care of the total patient in parallel with inhibition of tumors.

Findings satisfy NCI criteria for patients with "unmet needs"- poor or no standard treatments. Every prior series, six diseases, included Stage IV  5-10-year survivors.


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