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Latest News: 2018: Womens Cancers

May 03, 2018

Anticancer Research}women's cancers 60-80-100% response rates 

Surg Clin NA} Neoadjuant twenty year survivors inoperable panc cancer 

ESMO} in press Colon new available drugs repurposed survival 

Research} updated Pancreatobiiliary updated safety eligibility survival }mscr in prep FDA 

Research} updates Stomach SBC immunotherapy personalized medicine target drugs  survival

Research} PARP BRCA 1/2 expanded to non BRCA and GI new co drugs 

Vaccines} FDA cell immunity pancreatic cancer 

GI oncology mscr in prep small bowel Ca review feasible personalized long survivors (cure) confirmed 

New trials } BMS FDA duel immunotherapy gastric ovarian breast 


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