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The Process

Latest News / Progress Report UPDATE

: French national cooperative group investigators at the ASCO 2018 meetings and Isacoff in press tested our innovations in adjuvant and advanced disease therapy respectively

What: They confirmed our ten-year series of ASCO reports. Our academic IRBs, government agencies and foundations reviewed multi-drug regimens and safe dosages again produced twofold better than standard survival. 

Where: These independent sites undertook…

Why: Trials because standard methods produced a decade of poor survival, outright failure and high adverse event rates during attempts to develop high dose combinations as treatments for pancreatic cancer.  Many important diseases similarly remain notoriously difficult challenge for conventional treatment and drug development.

How: Our laboratory work found broadly applicable (ASCO 2017) clinically safe solutions because we sought novel tests and objectives. We tested actual resistant human tumors. Precise photometric models facilitated both dose response tests for individual new drugs and discovery of drug pairs  and quintuplets which best (at low or moderate concentrations) safely reverse the tumor's drug resistance (See rationale). Some drug pairs can often be optimally effective at 1/4 or 1/8 the standard concentrations and are antagonistic at standard concentrations.

Here: The finding have been developed further over ten years. When applied, with modification of drug pairings, to nine other forms of cancer, and cancer subsets with specific drug resistance patterns, the development work produced many novel empirical regimens (see Progress Report). When applied to individual tumors the method identifies personalized solutions, which effectively reverse the tumor's biochemical resistance to critical standard drugs. Earlier our collaborating European investigators found that, with in depth testing, 80% of individual resistant tumors were sensitive to drugs. Subsequently with our methods these drugs facilitate reverse the tumor's resistance and rescue conventionally failed drugs.  

Our Process