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1-15-2020 Services offered


·      Multidisciplinary, standard and personalized care, published innovations in safe chemotherapy applied for 30 years (see foot note)

·     Potentiate  Coordination of care: chemotherapy; radiation therapy; immunotherapy; interventional radiology and surgery 

The goal is stage IV complete remissions; step wise compartments are cleared.    New Radiotherapy and immunotherapy.  

  Standard and complex high risk and resistant patients: expanded eligibility; treatments; safety and personalized treatments 

·      Education individual, group conferences, lectures, 

·      Consults: Primary, and cecond opinions, Referral assistance, research triage, lLab data - third generation  tumor testing yield extra treatments designed  to avoid false positive and false negative.    Safety considered   New prognostic insights see SIGO avoid false pessimism 

We activate otherwise abandoned drugs Novel regimens add years of life



  Supplementary therapy     Downsizing tumors before and prevention of recurrence after surgery

o   Neo adjuvant and adjuvant therapy, extras, supplements, & re conditioning

·      Evaluation: extra monitoring of therapy for benefit, imminent failure and safety 

·      Family history: genetics, tests, education, referral, prevention choices 

·      Support services: financial assistance; education; lifestyle; alternative medicine and education

·      Standard or Concierge      E-conferences/Teleconferences/phone consultations

·      Consults and follow up

E-conferences/Teleconferences/phone consultations


·      National & International consults management coordinate care follow up

·      Tumor testing primary, second opinions, added tests, personalized 

o   Tested safety and resistance solutions 

·      Nutrition correction, lifestyle    Weight loss: prevent and correct 

·      Fitness, lifestyle and diet individualized 

·      Pain management 

·      Choice, evaluation, management of ports and special safer stents

·      Hospital options: triage - referral choices  

·      Consultation drug development industry and research participation

Ovary, Gastric, Breast immunotherapy see progress report 

·      Research programmatic, adapted to individual care, personalized testing 

o   Immunotherapy, drug resistance clinical solutions second chance to work 



·      The above produced 250+ publications and reportssix already  archived standard of care status

      New developments are even better longer survival, complete responses, safer and cDNA biochemical remissions 

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