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Traditional Cancer Treatment


Traditional "standard of care" Cancer Treatment. We try to and can do better add the right drug

Based on experience randomized trials treatment for the exact patient. Often years behind the research leaders work 
Traditional chemotherapy  drugs to stop cancer cells from growing and in some situations  eradicate the cancer.
Chemotherapy represents an effective way to treat cancer. At Bruckner Oncology,we provide a personalized specific treatment plan and support the entire process. Experience and genetic test based
Extra drugs  nutrition close monitoring 

No two cancers or tumor types are alike. some cancers are slow growing, others are much quicker. Our regimens schedules and urgent care  target are  based on the tumor's speed.

We keep up and build on the most up to date research and standard effective s therapy supported by solid attractive clinical trial results. Our speciality We  allow for individual flexibility iand tweak treatments in order to both reduce toxicity and/or increase efficacy.See progress report individual diseases 

Dr. Bruckner and Dr. Hirschfeld personalize care the tumor chemistry and the patient's needs matter we work with each patient, obtain patient input to weigh benefits and risks to work toward a treatment plan that is best for each patient. We can be flexible to improve qol safety and simultaneously improve chances of response

Our Process