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Ben C.

At the age of 66, I developed symptoms that ultimately led to a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. As a gym teacher, coach and fitness trainer for most of my life, and an allaround active person, I was familiar with solving lots of problems across different age groups, from kids to parents, but when it came to this, I didn’t know where to turn first.
I went seeking for solutions and asked around. Among various contacts and different sites, one name kept surfacing: Dr. Howard Bruckner. He was highly recommended and after meeting with a few different oncologists, my wife and I decided that Bruckner Oncology represented our best chance.
Five and a half years later I am happy to report that I feel fine today even through ongoing treatment and having endured procedures, medications and the challenges that come with managing cancer.
My philosophy has always been to be active and remain optimistic and persistent. In Dr. Bruckner and Bruckner Oncology, I have found additional soldiers who share this philosophy as we work to conquer cancer. Dr. Bruckner is always upbeat,  positive and encouraging. His entire staff shares this, as well, and it is nice to see this consistency throughout the entire practice.
The Physician’s Assistants are our line of communication, being extremely knowledgeable and caring at the same time. They always respond to any questions we may have very quickly. This applies to me, as well as to my wife. This is a full time job for us and knowing that we can count on them is very important to both of us. They are 100% in this with us.
Even on the cusp of having cataract surgery, Dr. Bruckner insisted on speaking with my neurologist and eye surgeon to ensure there are no conflicts with my current treatments.
It’s hard for me to even estimate the numerous people I have referred to Dr. Bruckner but I can recall one thing and it is this: so many of those people have reported back that they have gotten favorable results where there were none or it was limited before going to Bruckner Oncology. They, like me, are all very satisfied.
I have been fortunate to always be seen as a role model throughout my life – whether by choice or not. This time, I want to again be seen as a role model but this time, am actively choosing to do so. I always say – don’t sit when you can stand. Don’t stand
when you can walk. Don’t walk when you can run. I am so glad that we have found the Bruckner Oncology group – a place that helps me take steps that turn into leaps in this journey.

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