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Dr. Ernest V.

I first met Dr. Bruckner as a colleague over eight years ago while working at Lutheran Medical Center in New York City. My wife, who had had a history of various malignancies, was diagnosed with breast cancer about 5 years ago. In my mind, there was no doubt at that time where I was going to make sure she would go for treatment: Bruckner Oncology.

As a physician who specializes in both infectious disease and pediatrics for almost 40 years, I have worked with many oncologists. Dr. Bruckner’s track record is unparalleled, in my opinion. Simply put, patients do better under his care.

Bruckner Oncology is managed like a small medical family but with huge impact. The entire staff, from physicians to assistants on through overall support, is outstanding. Every one of them is reachable with near instant access because they are so committed to what they do. Dr. Hirschfeld, for example, is extremely helpful and has on several occasions taken the time necessary to really walk through lab work or respond to questions that my wife or I may have.

I am exposed to colleagues across different disciplines and age groups. One thing that is clear is that so many of these physicians are impressed with the results that Dr. Bruckner and Bruckner Oncology are able to obtain. I share this view, having witnessed the clinical success that he and his staff have been able to achieve by providing a truly individualized approach to each and every patient. This is personalized medicine at its best and the most unique aspect of Bruckner Oncology. If Dr. Bruckner doesn’t have the answer, he is sure to point patients in the direction they need to go so they can get the answers, assistance and plan needed for them.

I have referred numerous patients to Bruckner Oncology and am humbled by the results so many of them have reported back to me. One example sticks with me in particular: a pancreatic cancer patient with a better quality of life today than 5 years ago when first referred.

I’m not just a colleague and physician. I am also a family member who, like so many, are struck by the toll that cancer can have on patients and their circle of family and friends. As a physician and husband, I understand how critical it is to have a network to navigate through the challenges we all face. Bruckner Oncology and the entire staff are a key component of that network for both my wife and me.


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