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Patients and Caregivers: August 2016


Progress Report for Patients and Caregivers

Howard W Bruckner MD and Azriel Hirschfeld MD

MZB Foundation for Cancer Research, August 2016

MZB’s regimens can now fill unmet needs for safer and resistance free therapy for large numbers of difficult even high risk and aged  patients with heavily treated pancreatic, gastric, bile duct (cholangio) kidney, ovarian and uterine carcinomas..Safety, survival crises recovery rates and quality of life can improve on current prognostic prospects. Our thousand patient experience has been reviewed sixteen times - as detailed on our web site ( seeTable X. Very encouraging experience with new and resistant colon lung and breast cancer awaits formal review)

Personalized and targeted therapy can produce 60-80% rates of (second) chances to respond and benefit for patients with resistant tumors, and a greater than 50% third chance, Survival improved 2-4 fold. Safety improved, even high risk difficult patients had less than 1/4 the expected rate of severe side effects compared to ideal patients given standard therapy  (Physicians Using standard treatments consider these patents untreatable - due to a 20-40% risk of severe side effects and 80-90% resistant tumors).

MZB's personalized  treatments can now extend these benefits to new untreated patients. Most can be identified "early" as  genetically identical to heavily treated patients who significantly can benefit from MZB regimens The majority of untreated patients are resistant or will not tolerate standard therapy Early MZB treatment is increasingly important because standard drugs are conventionally used in unnecessarily high dosages which cause chronic side effects and interfere with later use of valuable drugs held in reserve.(  Use of drugs in safest moderate dosages can improve.options for sequential therapy and increase the number of chances to provide beneficial  treatment 3-4 fold)

MZB has OPENED LAB facilities TO TEST TUMORS in order to optimize both - personalized treatments and expand safe use of additional promising drugs. Lab tests can make drugs more effective and improve choice partnering and application of available standard test findings . To date TESTS have IMMEDIATE BENEFIT for more than half the patients.

RATIONALE why they work : MZB regimens are constructed to contain 3 partner drugs for each standard drug in a combination and 5 partners for a targeted drug. Critically our lab and clinical work discovered ideal- safe drugs which work at ¼ &⅛ the standard used dosages, and also discovered which "partner drug" can most frequently REVERSE the tumor’s DRUG RESISTANCE ( to best standard and target drugs) INCREASE BOTH THE  POTENCY  AND THE TIME DRUGS  REMAIN SAFE (and this prolongs survival) ALSO we found drugs which often work in partnership when the individual drug alone is ineffective.(in contrast, in high doses, partner drug  often conflicts decrease the potency of the combination-dosage counts in many unappreciated ways.)

MZB methods improve the choice of drugs for both clinical research and standard treatments and of drugs based on standard personalized biochemical and genetic tests.  (MZB’s experience integrates our evidence (we know what worked most often)  and employs more potentiators to activate predicted to fail drug. Multiple partners can reverse  drug resistance and increase chances to reuse failed standard drugs, SIX TO TEN FOLD

MZB's experience ,table X  provides PROOF OF PRINCIPLE. because outcomes are best in class for six heavily resistant diseases. MZB regimens are ADDED EFFECTIVE , and SAFE OPTIONS. They uniquely fill a largely ignored niche applicable to most patients. Because the findings have (from the onset)been obviously novel and important  they have been examined by three independent groups of reviews, five groups of hospital officials and additional independent oncologists. MZB has consistently practiced  openness, avoided easy patients, and provided test documentation which exceeds standard research practices (One can only produce these rates of benefit when the treatments are both novel and substantial.(Best novel leads below and additional disease specific options are described  in more detail on our web site as are aspects of interest for professional readers

}}Individual patients and caregivers are cautioned to discuss this report with an experienced practitioner of the methodology- details count - this is often best as  personages medicine

PANCREATIC cancer PC information for  patients:A formal ONGOING trial of  vitamin C, added to MZB chemoT REPRODUCED and to date has improved all our prior laboratory and clinical findings.     SAFETY:side effects were REDUCED by 2/3 rds (vs the strong standard folfoxiri)and 3/5th  (vs the moderate standard gem Abraxane) Chemo was virtually free of severe infection or other severe side effects. This is - both for ideal and aged or prior treated resistant patients -a safest options to date.   SURVIVAL again is on track to be DOUBLED.( as reported over 15 years for  800 +  far advanced PC patients) SURVIVAL postoperative use for recurrence prevention improved 150%  300% vs no treatment        : 2015 earlier work found high dose Vitamin C added to our chemo for high risk patients entirely avoided the worst side effects of standard treatment ( all confirmed in our 2016 trial). Half the patient had a  resolution of preexisting side effects and as confirmed 2016 seemed to prevent pain weight loss and blood clots due to the cancer(( Many independent reports describe successes with MZB chemo.))  Published  MZB lab work showed how to personalize best partner drugs for VIT C for specific GI and Gyn diseases.Other labs; also find vitamin c inhibits many cancers

[Cholangiocarcinoma BILE duct and GALL BLADDER cancers information for  patients:A:MZB chemo alone 2012,tripled survival for both advanced  disease and postoperative recurrence prevention.It also improved TARGETED THERAPY TT 2016 Avastin, Erbitux, and other personalized drugs added to our chemo as a last resort produced ~80% third line rates of response] Near terminal patients had (Unprecedented( 4 fold longer survival

Gastric cancer 2006 experienced was similar.TARGETED THERAPY with MZB chemo produced complete responses Some although highly resistant to chemo survived five year. (They were treated because earlier In 2005 similar TT chemo treatment helped patients with resistant pancreatic cancer )

-OVARIAN cancers information for  patients:A: TARGETED THERAPY added to our chemo produced ~ 80% response rates, many complete,for intact five drug regimen failures - many were long responses. SURVIVALwas improved 3-4x  A YEAR PLUS for more than half of ambulatory PATIENTS RECOMMENDED TO HOSPICE. Early use after only 1-2 regimens failed has (so far) produced 100% rates of complete, and many long remissions. MZB chemo again reversed  resistance to TT and to the chemo drugs  themselves. .The quality of benefit  allows[ NEW concept opportunities to recondition patients  correction of symptoms nutrition and immune favorable environment creates  eligibility for personalized treatment

-UTERINE cancers  MZB's ovarianTARGETED THERAPY  chemo produced a 90% response rate Used  early it can produce complete responses. SURVIVAL was doubled( for the most resistant )

-RENAL resistant to TARGETED THERAPY.~ 80% have response and 2x survival benefit when Avastin is added to MZB chemo.And reverses resistance to checkpoint immunotherapy

IMMUNOTHERAPY,( our immune function promoting TARGETED THERAPY is integrated with immunotherapy Activating chemotherapy IS NOW BROADLY APPLIED TO OTHER CANCERS. MZB has been the first to integrate five checkpoint activators 2-3,at a time Damaged tumors become vaccines and kick start help immunotherapy in many ways

SAFETY: chemo -/+ TT is safe ( even when standard treatment is unsafe) because we combined several practices: moderate dosage, stepwise patient preparation personalized drug and dose introduction, TT safety measures include support meds diets and dose modification  and brief rest stops .  All are unique to our practice.

In Perspective I had an, academic laboratory and patient  practice This helped produced five plus FDA drug approvals and new standards of care. still used world wide. Benefit with and promise of current MZB regimens EXCEED the best of the earlier discoveries

All FDA approved drugs

Howard W Bruckner MD

Director MZB Foundation Cancer Research

-tests experience and special criteria facilitate design of Cost effective personalized moderate dose regimens for difficult cancers..

-Each drug in the combination is provided with three or more, not zero or one) potential partners.which reverse drug resistance and have supra additive  potency.,))

-Our strategies provide additional and safer treatment options often when none exist

-P&I and and our chemo is  rapid development fast track platforms.


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