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Tables: Table X- August 2016


MZB Laboratory for Cancer Research, Howard W. Bruckner, Director

MZB Human Tumor Testing, Drug Development (Paradigm-Algorithm)

Table X: MZB Derived and Successful Supporting Findings Updated August/4/ 2016

MZB Derived (reports)

Independently Confirmed

MZB’s Findings reported original

Pancreatic cancer PC ASCO 2001, 2004, 2005

The Oncologist 2001 Refractory  PC RPC

(three drug resistant PC)

(new Drug and combination effective)

Conroy ASCO 2008, 2 011


Colorectal Cancer CRC

Falcone JCO 2007 CRC ASCO

FOLFOX-IRI efficacy

  • FLIP-FLIO (are Folfirinox) PC

  • new application Irinotecan PC

       +    Safety, new low doses (advantage)

       +    core plus paradigm (strategy new)

  • colon core plus CRC FLIO

Pancreatic cancer ASCO 2003 adjuvant

ICACT 2003 pancreatic cancer IV refractory

CRC colorectal cancer  IV refractory R

CCA Cholangiocarcinoma IV refractory R

GYN Gynecologic tumors IV refractory R

(Pan drug resistance, pan disease)

Isakoff ICACT 2011 PC adjuvant

Correale BrJC 2004, CRC GOLF

Falcone JCO 2007 CRC FOLOX-IRI

Valle NEJMC 2010 CCA

Wirason ASCO 2013 CCA

  • PC Adjuvant 3+ yr (survival~2x)

+     PC Second line & pulmonary

+     APC – 14 mos 2° PS 0-1(survival 2x)

+     CCA (G)FLIP second, third line

+     Cores’ broad applications (majority benefit)

Pancreatic cancer ASCO, GI 2004 PC

Core plus added drugs Taxanes, antifolates drug resistance patients benefit

Reni Lancet 2007 PEGF PC


(improve progression disease free)

  • Low moderate dose cores

  • +PFS & response rate RR core plus, primary

+      Four drug core, RR 2° 2nd line

Pancreatic cancer ASCO GI 2004 PC


Randomized Phase II, OS RR >

(improve response to survival)

  • Docetaxel DM new application PC

  • High response rate D > majority benefit

+      Second line GFLIO D effective

+ See ASCO 2008, 2011, 2012 confirmed and expanded

Gastric cancer ASCO 2006 Docetaxel GC

Safe response survival benefit for highly resistant cancers

Shah ASCO 2010 GC

  • Docetaxel low doses effective

  • 16 month MST GFIO D feasible OS

+   2nd, 3rd, 4th lines GFLIO D effective RR DS

+     safest, best tolerated

       +    paradigm demonstration core plus

Gastric cancer ASCO 2006 Avastin GC

Core plus applied to targeted therapy (also see cancer research 2005)


(applicable to Europeans) other anti-angiogenic also subsequently approved

  • Bevacizumab efficacy Europeans

+      core plus paradigm expanded

+      2nd, 3rd line CRs complete responses

+      Neoadjuvant + Ro resection 5yr

Pancreatic cancer ASCO 2008, 2011 PC

Survival doubled for all ages prior treatment multivariate

ASCO 2012, GTX OS MST 14 mos PC

  • MST 16 mos GFLIO D (even better)

+      tail of curve GFLIO DM (long survivors)

+      elderly equal benefit GFLIO/ -D

Pancreatic cancer ASCO 2012 adjuvant PC

Isakoff ICACT 2011 OS PC

  • Adjuvant 2-3x MST GFLIO ~ 3 yr +

Cholangiocarcinoma ASCO 2011, 2012 CCA

Expanded series mature majority benefit all 102030 and anti cancer research 2016


Wirason, ASCO 2013 CCA PFS

  • Adjuvant 2-3  yrs poor risk

+  Avastin paradigm neoadjuvant (core plus effective)

+     Erbitux paradigm (core plus effective)

+      More cytotoxins, better

Pancreatic cancer ASCO 2011, 2012

Core plus expanded sequences refined


Hirschaut GFLIO ASCO 2013 PC

  • MST stage IV 2 years OS (survival)

  • Avastin paradigm core plus

  • Erbitux paradigm core plus

Ovarian cancer ASCO 2012 resistant ROC

AACR 2014 majority end stage near hospice beneficial core Avastin

Also  Uterine cancer five line resultant to benefit


ASCO GI 2013 Loupakis CRC

FOLFOX IRI CRC +/- Avastin

(core plus applicable colon ca)

  • More cytotoxins, better (added diseases)

  • Avastin paradigm application

+      RR 90% PFS 1 yr+ ACyGFLIC +/-D (uterine)

  •               Confirmed the MZB finding                  OS    Overall Survival

+       Added MZB finding (advantage)          RR    Response Rate

     PFS Progression Free Survival                    MST Median Survival Time



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