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Amy L.

Back in March of 2018, I was diagnosed with an advanced stage of a cancer of unknown origin.  However, what was known was the cancer metastasized throughout my body and the chance for survival was unlikely at best.   I immediately sought the help of a large cancer center, with the understanding that a large institution would have access to the most resources. I was admitted to their facility, and became an inpatient for almost a month. I received what they called their “top shelf" chemo regimen.  However, the pain, nausea, fatigue, ascites and lack of nutrition/appetite became unbearable. After four weeks, I believed that which the institution was telling me and what my body was feeling. It was a prognosis that ended with the words, "you have a few weeks to maybe a month or two".  I had no hope and this cancer treatment center had no options.


Through a series of coincidences (or maybe it was luck or perhaps prayers being answered) I met Dr. Chaim Abittan.  Dr. Abittan, a gastro specialist, referred me to Dr. Bruckner. He was so passionate in speaking of Dr. Bruckner's genius, that he had me sold, well before he got to the part where he mentioned that he personally knew several people (his own patients) alive today as a result of Bruckner's treatment.


Sitting in the waiting room of Dr. Bruckner's office, I heard stories from other patients of how they were in such dire straits, and here they are today on the path to recovery with Bruckner.  I got called into Dr. Bruckner's office and he welcomed me to personalized medicine and proceeded to inject me with a massive dosage of hope. He explained that if the treatment plan he was starting with didn't work for me, he had several alternatives/options. Options that work. This followed with a chemo regimen that used relatively low dosages of several medications that over two months produced miraculous results!!!!  I have no pain, I'm not nauseous, there is no swelling, no ascites, and I eat more than my husband. My scans are clear!!


Through discussions with dozens of people I have met in his office, Dr. Bruckner appears to get the clients when their oncologist gives up on them, just like me!!  These same patients have already outlived their life expectancy, just like me!! These people are so inspired with their second chance at life, that they look for opportunities to share their stories, just like me!! During these office visits, I'm astonished that there isn't a line out the door, around the block and into the next town and state. Perhaps this too is part of Bruckner's genius. Think about it, here is a place where they are doing God’s work and yet they have capacity to treat the next really sick client that walks in the door.


The genius in the office, doesn't end with Dr. Bruckner, it just starts there.  I've met with the other oncologist saving lives at the facility, Dr. Hirschfeld, several times, and have always been super impressed with his insight in determining the next steps in the path to recovery.  During chemo days, the person "that runs" the clinic is Van. This woman is off the charts. She seems to know (off the top of her head) every aspect of every patient’s medical profile, and provides real time actionable steps to deal with complications.  What she gets done in seconds, would take a large organization a full day to execute. If I didn't see it over and over again, I wouldn't believe it. But it doesn't end there, either. The nurses, the administrators/receptionist, it’s the all-star team!!

I'm not saying that if you get diagnosed with cancer, this needs to be the first port of call. Not at all.  Try a large institution; they will have the resources to help the most amount of people. However, if you are losing hope, let this story serve as your “Abittan”. You now have an ace in the hole, it’s a clinic in the Bronx that will embrace the toughest of cancer cases, will give you hope and options, will treat you (with top notch staff) using a regimen catered to your specific situation and will likely save your life… it’s called Bruckner Oncology.


Forever grateful,




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