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Physicians and Investigators: April 2019

April 8, 2019




Safety and survival proof of principal milestones expand treatment for pancreatic, gastric, cholangio, HCC, colorectal, small bowel, uterus, ovary, breast, sarcoma (soft and bone), bladder and kidney cancers. 


Our work discovered several novel drug interactions common to all these tumors. Our new criteria for actionable choice of drugs identify three or more drugs in order to reverse the tumors resistance to standard and new drugs simultaneously in three or more ways).


A. Safety: our work produced chemotherapy regimens “free" of infection, hospitalization, and severe: DVT, coagulopathy, neuropathy and enteritis.


Treatments halved all grades of preexisting weight loss and pain (AACR 2017). NEW extra year and final review of data (HDAA GFLIO advanced pancreatic cancer is applicable to FOLFIRINOX regimens).


B. Survival: (NEW patients reach 5, 10, and 20 + yrs) many disease free. This confirms our five reported resistant patient, 2x median survival, series: Pancreatic PC, Gastric GC, small bowel, uterus, ovary (bladder and kidney).


C. NEW Independent work confirms survival, reactivation of immunotherapy and ability to often reverse a tumor's resistance to key drugs. (Two Minute Read attached and links). This supports our novel Rx combinations which produced 2x survival for adjuvant ASCO 03, 12: neo adjuvant 20 year; and advanced pancreatic (APC) ASCO 05, 08, 12. Our drugs reactivate the immune system now for check point- gastric (GC) and for chemotherapy and target drugs (ASCO 06) (our chemo-immunotherapy for bile duct, cholangio, CCA, HCC finding) and reverse drug resistance of colorectal cancers (CRC) (ASCO 03) now confirmed again H below.


D. Identified NEW, safe, available drugs. PARP inhibitors, already produce milestone clinical, objective response and survival, activity. The new drugs all share the characteristics of our GFLIO partner drugs. They are potentiated by and reactivate GFLIO. New drugs include hormones, target drugs and non-cancer, off- label, drugs. These drugs, reverse resistance to standard cytotoxic drugs, target drugs and immunotherapy. New anti-apoptotic and non-cancer drugs inhibit (some 80% of GBM, CCA, PC and prostate cancer cell lines). (They therefore have exceptional potential for broad applications.)

E. Treatment "reconditioned" patients- improved nutrition, immune functions and performance. This NEW concept expands eligibility for further research, serial personalized treatment and immunotherapy (AntiCancer Research 18 uterine and ovarian).


F. Chemotherapy "reactivates" checkpoint immunotherapy, increases survival for patients with Gastric and bile duct Ca (CCA). It also complements novel GM-CSF, IL -2, immunotherapy for localized, primary and recurrent, PC (Earlier our chemotherapy reactivated immunotherapy for patients with: lung, renal, and liver (HCC) cancers.


G. NEW: Rexin-G gene therapy produced ten year survivors: Some APCs and soft tissue sarcomas in press and breast cancer abstract accepted. Therapy produced high rates of PET inhibition, (and lymphocyte activity).


H. NEW: Our gastric cancer prognostic test model (Bruckner JAMA, Lavin CTR) is applicable to current drugs and patients with resistant colorectal cancer. It can prevent false positive and negative analyses of phase II-III trials. CBC CMP tests can identify both preferred anti-cancer drugs, targets for personalized treatment. Tests also identify NEW actionable, prophylactic and reconditioning, safety measures. See E above



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