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Services offered


·      Multidisciplinary, standard and personalized care, published innovations applied for 30 years (see foot note)

·      Coordination of care: chemotherapy; radiation therapy; immunotherapy; interventional radiology and surgery 

·      Standard and complex high risk and resistant patients: eligibility; treatments; safety and personalized treatments 

·      Education individual, group conferences, lectures, 

·      Consults: Primary, cecond opinions, referral assistance, research triage, lab data - third generation utilization, tumor testing 

·      Supplementary therapy

·      Downsizing tumors before and prevention of recurrence after surgery

o   Neo adjuvant and adjuvant therapy, extras, supplements, conditioning

·      Evaluation: monitoring of therapy for benefit, imminent failure and safety 

·      Family history: genetics, tests, education, referral, prevention choices 

·      Support services: financial assistance; education; lifestyle; alternative education

·      Standard or Concierge 

·      E-conferences/Teleconferences/phone consultations

·      Consults and follow up

·      National & International consults management coordinate care follow up

·      Tumor testing primary, second opinions, added tests, personalized 

o   Tested safety and resistance solutions 

·      Nutrition correction, lifestyle 

·      Weight loss: prevent and correct 

·      Fitness, lifestyle and diet individualized 

·      Pain management 

·      Choice, evaluation, management of ports and stents

·      Hospital options: triage - referral choices  

·      Consultation drug development industry and research participation

Ovary, Gastric, Breast immunotherapy 

·      Research programmatic, adapted to individual care, personalized testing 

o   Immunotherapy, drug resistance clinical solutions 


·      The above clinical skills were employed and developed in producing 250+ publications and reports, many of which archived standard of care status