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The Process

Truly Personalized Medicine Enabled by Innovation

The term "personalized medicine" is getting a lot of buzz these days among physicians, clinicians and patients alike. True personalized medicine integrates information about each individual patient, not just their disease, to maximize their care.

This is something that truly differentiates Bruckner Oncology from most other oncology practices.

Whereas others may consider "personalized medicine" as simply matching a patient's tumor and specific mutation to a particular drug for that type of tumor,
 Bruckner Oncology takes patient care to a more tailored level.

Bruckner Oncology has extensive experience utilizing specific treatments and regimens even where standard therapies yield poor results. We consider a series of factors, such as patient history, prior treatments, age, and drug tolerance when identifying the optimal chemotherapeutic regimen. Our innovative approach of combining multiple active cancer drugs in low doses leads to real results, including:
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Reduced toxicity
  • Revitalizing failed drugs
  • Successful surgery
  • Better response rates
  • Improved survival
This innovative approach to cancer teatment is unparalleled - combining multiple drugs at low doses to target multiple cancer pathways simultaneously and generating multiple synergistic drug to drug interactions., thus enhancing the efficacy of and single drug or drug pair while minimizing toxicity by using low doses.

We are proud of our record of increasing median survival versus historical controls in many cancer types, including difficult to treat cancers such as pancreatic, cholangiocarcinoma, and gastric cancer - even in more vulnerable patient populations such as the elderly.

At Bruckner Oncology, we work with you side by side to fight cancer and truly give you all we got - from standard treatments to clinical trials and even on through innovative approaches.

Welcome to Bruckner Oncology - a practice based on experience, innovation and results.


The practice has pioneered and in the process gained experience with several (elsewhere little used) laboratory innovations.

Tracking and trending our set up and software facilitate tracking to predict and avoid both adverse events and treatment complications by timely intervention.

Tumor markers: better utilization, more options; avoiding false leads, facilitating more efficient, less costly testing

Radiology and intervention: Among first academic users of CEA
 and CA-125

Prognostication: Published (first) standard lab test sets, methods which better predict survival and avoid false ineligibilty - refusal to treat. Now expanded and applied to added cancers.

Choice of drugs, innovations in tumor testing, largest applied experience with third generation applications:

1. Solve drug resistance rather than reject standard drug (improve the standard)
2. Select drugs based on multiple experience-tested criteria, not simply best standard
3. Prioritize safety, low dosages and multiplication of chances to produce a favorable drug interaction (game theory applied to choices)
4. Miniaturization of biopsy, less invasive option, cost effective, focused efficient objectives
5. Triage and identify best action among genomic proteomic test positives